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We drive efficiency and retention in the most cost-effective way for operation teams in last-mile logistics

Yes, Operations Pros, we can help you!

The problems you are facing

Visibility for individual progress

Managing a large team makes it hard to track and drive individual progress.

Constant new

Churn on couriers creates the need to onboard and train new ones constantly.

Couriers not taking ownership

Couriers often don't know what specific actions they need to take to improve their efficiency.

Churn holds back efficiency

Losing experienced couriers reduces efficiency a lot

These problems in your daily operations lead you to do all the fire fighting work!

But don’t worry, Tradler is here to prevent the fire.

What does Tradler do?

We get couriers more engaged through gamification so that they take the initiative to hit the metric goals themselves.


More engaged couriers tend to stay longer, so churn drops. This eventually leads to a higher lifetime value. And we all know how much that would translate into cost ;)

Results we have

We helped companies gain meaningful results and insights on efficiency and courier retention!

Related Metrics
+19% more orders per hour

Orders Per Hour (OPH), Tradler User vs Non Tradler User

Engagement & Retention
Related Metrics
39% reduced employee churn

Compared to the year before in Sandd

Relevant metrics for last- mile business include handling time, productivity, on-time start, churn, engagement rate, and so much more!

Sounds all magical, how?

Earn points automatically by completing targets and metrics or get virtual high fives from customers or team members.
Exchange points for real-world incentives that instantly get delivered.
Get nudged to improve every day a little bit.
Trusted by companies of all sizes

Want to know the secret sauce?

Exchange points you earned for incentives you’d like!

You get to be rewarded how you want it and manage all the rewards from one place

Why Tradler?

The Tradler platform has all the elements for great management. You can give virtual high fives, manage performance, make announcements, and check engagement. I was blown away by the endless possibilities and use cases when I first saw it.
Arno Smith
Global Head of Live Operations


If you need to improve efficiency in your KPIs, and at the same time, maintain motivation and engagement among your employees, Tradler is a fantastic choice.
Aitor Larrauri
Director BI & Innovation

HAYS Working four your tomorrow

Two months after we went live, we started to notice that recruitment needs were dropping and our mailmen were taking on more areas. In August, productivity had risen by 15%, and the rotation dropped by 39%. Here is where our ROI started to kick in. We were spending consistently less on the cost of our business.
Richard Borsboom
Chief Financial Officer


For Couriers:

Reaching targets and milestones
Weekly challenges to outgame yourself

For Managers:

Performance enhancement
Recognize your team

Sounds all magical, how?

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