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Enhancing the employee experience by better recognizing their efforts and contributions

Enhancing the individual employee by experience by better recognizing their efforts and contributions

Employee engagement is not solely achieved by celebrating the big wins. It is also achieved by consistently recognizing the daily contributions of individual team members. Our SaaS solution helps companies accomplish this by rewarding the right person at the right time with the right incentive while providing leadership with 360-degree feedback to lead better and hire smarter.

Tradler’s Employee Engagement Platform.

Countless studies have shown engaged employees are happiermore productive and remain with organizations longer than disengaged employees. In short, your engaged employees are your greatest asset. Our Employee Engagement Platform assists companies in driving this engagement. We accomplish this by ensuring each team member receives the recognition they both want and deserve for their contributions today while providing your management team the tools to keep them engaged tomorrow.

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Successful recognition consists of four parts

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“ With Tradler you are able to create a flexible and personalized loyalty system which works for every Individual, giving your employees the right attention at the right moment. As an extra service, you can use this performance data to get Insights and optimize your recruitment funnels. Put these two things together and Tradler has created an invaluable service for our team members and leadership. “

– Sandd B.V.

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