Employee engagement


made easy

A remarkably easy to use solution for driving your strategic goals, increasing motivation performance and quality.

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Results that bring a solid ROI

Here’s what our clients are celebrating:



Increase in employee retention

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Increase in employee engagement

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Increase in productivity


What is Tradler?

Tradler is an award-winning employee engagement platform that helps your teams reach their full potential while increasing productivity, quality and engagement.

Clients trust us for our:

Ethical user-first approach

Proven long-term engagement

Fully customisable experience

Enterprise-ready platform (SSO and ISO compliant)

Simple set-up options

Who we work with

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A solution your people will love

KPIs and OKRs are useful tools, but they don’t inspire or get people excited.

Besides a paycheque:

  • People need something different, something out of the ordinary to stay engaged.

  • They want to be challenged, recognised, and supported in their work.

  • And they want to be emotionally involved in what they do for a living.

…and that’s where we come in

Scalable engagement for organisations of any size

Get everyone pulling the same direction and celebrate daily contributions, no matter the size of your organization

Get points for daily progress and reaching milestones



Swap points for a gift of choice or make a donation to a cause.



Give kudos and high fives to show appreciation for a job well done



On Tradler, someone high-fives a colleague every 45 seconds.

360 degree Realtime Feedback

Pulse surveys

Get honest feedback about any issue, and closely monitor engagement and happiness.

Performance evaluation

Everything you need in one place to understand team and individual performance in real-time.

Intelligent insights

Powered with machine learning, know exactly when to give recognition, support, resources and feedback.


Easy to integrate, easy to use


Fast setup

Create a tailored setup for each department and team in minutes.


Everything in one place

Save time managing multiple tools – just focus on the results.


Get stuff done

Drive processes, encourage use of internal tools, focus your team.

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Link data in a few clicks

Multiple data linking options including Zapier and APIs mean Tradler integrates seamlessly into your current setup.

Learn how Tradler can help bring your teams to the next level.

Our satisfied clients

Tradler helped our payroll leaders to empower their teams, and ultimately improve employee engagement, morale and overall experience.


Stephen Abbots

Director of Payroll Services, Azets UK

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We have seen multiple solutions on the market. But nothing was as complete as Tradler.

​My team loves the platform and the virtual high-fives really became a  part of our culture.

Matthew Lester

Program Manager, EMEA Webhelp

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 If you need to improve efficiency in your KPIs and, at the same time, maintain motivation and engagement within your employees, Tradler is a fantastic choice.

Aitor Larrauri

Director BI & Innovation, HAYS Spain



Hands up, you caught us. We love recognition too. We were high-fiving virtually and in-person when we won the postal innovation awards for Startup Innovation 2021 and Category winner of process, digital and data 2021.