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85% of workers worldwide are disengaged.
Our Mission is to change this.

Employees want to be recognised for the work they do. Our software helps companies accomplish this by offering your team, and your individual team members, the right incentive at the right time.

Tell us about your priorities and let us help you keep your heroes engaged.

Reality of Disengagement

How Tradler improves employee engagement

Prioritizing employee engagement opens the door to attract quality talent while closing the door on employee turnover.

Through our cutting-edge technology, Tradler can help you accomplish this in two ways.

Individual incentive plan

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Team building activities

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Trader’s incentive plan was created to help companies to be proactive in recognising your employees at key moments during their emotional journey to keep them better engaged.

Our reward system accomplishes this by offering your employees personalised incentives that can be redeemed at the time and location of their choosing, once their targets have been met.

Learn more about how Tradler can help keep your employees better engaged, by scheduling a talk with one of our specialists.

Employees are most productive when they feel valued, are provided with growth opportunities, and feel part of a team.

To accomplish this, Trader’s software analyzes the preferences of individual employees then provides you with the right options to maximise your team building experience.

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What others say about us

Selected as top 10 Startups
“They went through a rigorous evaluation process in front of 50+ mentors and partners of Startupbootcamp. The top companies were chosen out of 440+ international applications during a 4-month selection process!”

Startup Bootcamp IoT and SmartCity '18, https://www.startupbootcamp.org

The ‘escape rooms’ have also become part of the hiring games. Without going any further, in April the Tradler digital platform organized a personal selection experiment in Barcelona with forty students from the ESEI International Business School. Divided into small groups, the candidates were analyzed by a team of experts while trying to solve escape games. They mainly focused on three key features: the way in which each candidate had to solve the problems, the communication they had with the rest of the group and their leadership capacity.

Laura Saula, ara.cat

The event we organized in collaboration with Tradler was a success, our employees and students enjoyed the escape room activity and the workshops. They were able to use their personal skills and joined forces with their teams so it allowed us to continue building on team work and the spirit of a friendly community at Esei. The communication flow, the plan presented, online and offline meetings with the employees at Tradler were smooth and efficient. We will repeat for sure!

Carlota Estera – Managing Director, Esei Business School

The faces behind Tradler

Jasper Deprez
Jasper DeprezCEO & Co-founder
Orry Verpoort
Orry VerpoortCTO & Co-founder
Michael Thompson
Michael ThompsonCreative Director & Communication Lead