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Tradler under the hood

Our mission, team and talents

We’ve been helping organisations of all sizes say thank you to their employees since 2018. Our mission is to create the most useful tools to connect leaders with their team and to add clarity and appreciation to every job.


Why do we exist?

Business leaders know how to celebrate the big things. But sometimes, it’s the little things that matter.

How you feel is important. Your work is what really counts and moves the business forward. So now it’s time to feel appreciated. That’s what we are here to do.

Speaking of people
Meet our team


Paul Lloyd

Strategic Partnerships

"Everyone could use more appreciation in their lives."

Paul is all about Strategic Partnerships. He loves that Tradler helps people and organisations to realise the power of appreciation and gratitude.

Paul connects with new organisations and is responsible for business development and helping clients achieve the best results.

If that wasn’t enough, he is a great writer storyteller – and is a member of the band Space Taxi.

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Captura de pantalla 2022-08-04 125141.png

Iratxe Alkiza

Account Manager

"It feels great to see people celebrating each other."

Iratxe is our amazing Account Manager and is responsible for ensuring the strategic goals of our customers are met by tweaking Tradler.

She loves the people she works with, the atmosphere and Tradler’s entrepreneurial spirit for developing new projects and ideas.

When she’s not Tradler-ing, she loves reading and travelling, practising yoga and socialising with her friends.

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Amanda Martinez

Postal and Logistics Business development lead

"I love seeing the real impact we have on organisations."

Amanda leads our partnerships with postal and logistics companies. She loves that Tradler helps these cost heavy organizations leverage the power of their workforce and drive more efficient behaviors.
Amanda connects with any company that delivers and is responsible for business development and helping clients find bottlenecks that Tradler can solve to reduce operational costs.
When she’s not immersed in the world of posts, she’s usually planning for her next trip, enjoying live music,  researching the next restaurant to try, or writing.

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Frank Fanteev

Product Owner

"I love seeing the real impact we have on organisations."

Frank is our Product Owner, making sure Tradler works well and remains easy to use for our customers.

He’s got a lot on his plate, managing the workload of the tech team, analysing customer behaviour, responding to customer requests and suggestions.

He loves working with our creative and innovative team and has a passion for sailing, playing guitar, cooking and hiking. In fact, one day, he plans to sail around the world!

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Glenn Ruysschaert

Mobile app development

The difference a small gesture can make is incredible.


Glenn will be working on getting Tradler in your pocket through a brand new mobile app.

Tradler's ambition to create a positive work environment for everyone, is also greatly reflected in the team he is working with.
In his spare time he enjoys hitting the town, kicking back with a good book or tv show, or tinkering away with tech projects.

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Farzan Badakhshan

Lead Developer

It feels great to see my code turn into a means by which people can appreciate the work their colleagues do in an amazing way.

Farzan is Tradler’s Lead Developer. He mostly works on backend development.

Farzan loves everyone’s positive attitudes, and team spirit. He says people are always willing to help out whenever a challenge presents itself.

He enjoys reading, watching Netflix and cycling in his free time, but he’s keeping his hidden talent a secret…for now

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Orry Verpoort

Co-founder and Front-end Developer

"Every little achievement should be celebrated!"


Our Co-founder and Frontend developer Orry makes sure there’s oil in the engine and the platform keeps running smoothly for our clients and partners.

Orry says he loves working with our enthusiastic and talented team. And he loves the fact that we are all focused on our mission to make employees everywhere feel appreciated.

He is more than just a developer though and has a hidden talent for cooking and travel. One day, he tells us, he’ll visit Iceland, a place he’s always been inspired by.

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Jasper Deprez

Co-founder and CEO

"There’s no such thing as an impossible idea."

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-30 at 17.52.57.jpeg

Jasper is our Co-Founder CEO,, he is on top of the strategy and is responsible for the team and everything else that comes with running a growing SaaS platform.


He loves the beautiful mountains in Viladrau where he lives and doesn’t need coffee to go full-on hyperactive.

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Awards and things we’re proud of

  • Winner of postal innovation awards for startup innovation 2021

  • Category winner of process, digital and data 2021.

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