What is the impact of employee turnover for client acquisition?

What is the impact of employee turnover for client acquisition?

The frequent turnover of personnel in a company, for whatever reason, never causes a good impression to customers.

A high volume of employee turnover is perceived negatively by customers which can lead to mistrust and suspicions in regards to the organization.

There is also a significant setback in the development of services provided to customers since new employees need their learning and adaptation time. This can take weeks or even months, and during this time a company can not afford a performance reduction to its customers.

To correct this, companies often fall back on more experienced employees and enlarge their workload, which we learned in our previous article, can be very detrimental and ultimately lead to the loss of key team members during times of transition.

Another negative that may impact your business is diminishing customer loyalty. Normally, employees are assigned an account (client) to work with in close tuning, and as a result, they establish and deliver a stable and personalised experience. However, if staff turnover is too high, this jeopardises the clients connection to the company.

To ensure that the turnover of personnel does not negatively affects the relationship with our clients, we will have to minimize the turnover itself. And we accomplish this by betting on our employees and increasing the engagement between the employees and the company.

Find out a way how your company can reduce employee turnover by using the Employee Engagement program at Tradler Co.

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Solving employee turnover by strong analytics and personalized incentives.

According to Gallup’s research “State of Global workplace Report 2017” 85% of the employees globally are not engaged in their workplace. This creates multiple problems for companies globally. We focus on increasing engagement within your company by utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

For companies with 1000`​+ employees who face a higher turnover that want to increase the average retention. Tradler provides an online incentive platform, that allows companies to tailor their incentives to the preferences of the individual team member. The employee loyalty program that allows your team to experience the unforgettable tailored to their preferences. And all that thanks to your company!

We believe that by allowing your employees choose their incentive “whatever they want whenever they want” you increase engagement between the employee and the company. Tradler Co utilizes personalization tools to tailor the right incentives to the right person.

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