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Internship for Front-end Developer

About us

Tradler is a SaaS solution which is designed to improve employee engagement. It is a software where employees can instantly get rewarded and recognized for the work and/or actions they contribute, whilst providing managers the data which allows them to give the right attention to the right person at the right moment. Based in Barcelona, Tradler focuses on large to enterprise sized companies where they can positively impact the most amount of people. Tradler is a company which was founded in 2017 and is an alumnus of Startupbootcamp, a global accelerator program.

How we work

As Tradler is a company focussed on employee engagement. This means that our team is the most important thing. In this hiring process we therefore mainly assess if there is a fit.

We all mainly work remote with the mantra of “you can work wherever and whenever you want as long as you get it done.” This requires you to have a high sense of accountability.

As we are a startup, there is a lot to be done with a small amount of resources. This requires you to be highly flexible and a black belt problem solver.

Lastly, working remotely comes with its challenges and we tackle these with a great level of communication. We require you to be able to do the same.

So if all of this about fits with who you are then:

About the role

  • You know the ins and outs of Sass, Gulp and Bootstrap
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the base of every front-end developer, so I’m not going to speak about this (just did)

You will be working directly with our CTO who is besides many things also a frontend developer. And you will form a part of our team T-rex, yes, we do have a team name for our tech team.

About you

  • You are able to communicate effectively
  • You are eager to learn, adapt, fail, overcome and grow. Remember, we are a startup, this does not only mean Friday beer pong but more importantly more intensive than any other position.
  • You are a gamer. Yes, you’ve read this correctly. You have spent hours and hours playing games. The reason for this is that gamification is one of our main focuses. Which is great: “I told you, mom, all these hours would come in handy one day.”
  • You have the brain of an entrepreneur and the heart of a team player (the stomach of a Belgian would be recommended.

What we offer

How to apply

Send us your cover letter and cv. Important fact, we do read all cover letters and put a lot of importance in them. Applications who fail to deliver a cover letter will automatically be discarded.