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Celebrate the moments that matter

By celebrating achievements big and small, personal and professional, you show your team members you care about them, and build stronger relationships.

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Why is it important?


Employee retention is increasingly important - Employee churn costs on average, 15,000 euro per worker


Employee engagement depends on people feeling like the they belong to an organization that values their efforts and cares about them personally

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What is the goal?

What are the challenges to overcome?

How Tradler can help

Celebrate personal and professional milestones, both big and small in a meaningful way

Appreciate achievements in real time to maximize the impact

Improve employee experience and retention

Too difficult for team leaders to remember birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions etc. with larger teams

Meaningful celebration is usually difficult and costly

Lack of insights and nudges for managers and team leaders to properly recognize smaller achievements and progress milestones on bigger projects

Lack of meaningful rewards and recognition attached to milestones

Managers are automatically reminded of birthdays, work anniversaries, productivity milestones and more for each team member in real time.

Recognition system is fun, impactful and engaging and is attached to real world rewards that are easy to setup and fit any budget.

Celebrate milestones as they happen - remove the time gap between the milestone and the celebration and increase the impact.

Get everyone involved by alerting and nudging managers, colleagues and senior management about milestones and life achievements so that people get to hear from and are celebrated by multiple co-workers, increasing the impact.

“I really like it when someone acknowledges me for going through a tough week. I feel that my hard work and effort is being noticed and valued”

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Want to start celebrating your Teams’ most important moments as they happen?

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