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The ultimate tool for consultants

Bridging the gap between the board room and shop floor

Tradler allows consultants to increase their value by driving the behavior of people in an easy, scalable way.

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The challenge


Buy-in at all levels for organizational change/ change management (winning the hearts and minds) 

Motivation and enthusiasm to follow the plan/ new procedures 

Ensure that everyone is aware of how they need to contribute

Driving the right actions with the right person at the right time

Translate and implement lessons learned to the larger organization

Bring your methodology to the whole organization

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Increase the ROI to your customer by providing an economic solution to drive actions and behaviors


Bring the specifics of your project plan/  board-room strategy to each individual


Reinforce the right behaviors with a powerful and unique recognition system


Translate the big picture plan to the individual actions and behaviors of each team member, tailored for every department/ team/ individual

How does it work?

You have the content/ master plan - we help you get everyone involved by translating this into actions, metrics and milestones using gamification.

You will be able to quickly set up Tradler for each team and gamify the required behavior while reinforcing the progress and completion of project milestones.

Track the progress and impact of your projects and make adjustments with powerful reporting tools and data insights.




How do we make it work together?

Tradler’s partner program provides you with the solution at a discounted rate that you can pass on to your clients or use as an additional income stream.

Setup support and account management are available for larger accounts



How do I get started?

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