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The Tradler platform has all the elements for great management, you can give virtual high fives, manage performance, do announcements, check engagement. I was blown away with the endless possibilities and use cases when I first saw it.


Arno Smit

Global Head of Live Operations

How our free engagement and performance review works

When you request your free engagement and performance review, we'll ask you a set of questions to understand your business and objectives. We'll inquire about the current engagement projects, your business goals for the year, and your challenges.

Based on your business's current situation and goals, we will assess if it is suitable for a long-term engagement partnership. Our focus is on assisting ambitious teams hit their goals through our software and expertise.

If we determine that you may not be ready yet for a solution like Tradler at this time, we will provide you with recommended next steps for you to take.

If we believe that we can be a valuable partner for your business, we will thoroughly analyze your engagement and performance. Our experts will provide you with a action plan that will help you progress towards your goal.

We will create a video review where we explain the specific areas you can focus on, as well as recommend the most approaches you can take based on our experience. Additionally, we will provide you with a comprehensive strategy and action plan designed to boost specific actions and behaviours in your team to get closer to your strategic objective. This review is completely free of charge.

If, after viewing your review, you decide to engage our services, we will assist you in implementing all the recommended strategies.

However, if you choose not to enlist our services but are satisfied with your review, we would greatly appreciate your honest feedback by leaving a company review.

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Drive awareness around safety to reduce the number of incidents and reduce churn


Get your sales teams to use your CRMs and sales methodolgy correctly so you can forecast revenue accurately


Drive a standard of performance and quality across all of your locations 


Drive performance and retain talent for exceptional customer experiences, regardless of project or team size


Last mile delivery

Communicate directly with your couriers and drive specific actions that help you succeed