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The most impactful data in one place

Powerful analytics and reporting bring the most essential information and insights into one easy-to-use tool.

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Continuous Performance management 

Run individual, team and department performance reviews, agile project reviews, 360° reviews, or leadership reviews.

Highlight specific teams, areas, or even individuals to identify trends and root problems related to productivity and engagement. 


Quickly adjust your setup to tackle issues as they arise 

Performance management

Analytics that translate into actions

Review performance across key metrics and KPI’s. Define company-wide or team-specific metrics to measure and track development over time. 


Identify skill gaps to improve team composition, better allocate training budgets, and inform hiring plans.

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See what matters most to you

Self-configurable and customizable toolset lets you control what you want to see.

Full transparency on productivity, engagement and how people are using Tradler and other tools

Harness the power of data

Use data to track performance changes over time and compare teams, departments, or individuals across specific skills.


 Discover high-potential individuals and track training investments more effectively. 

Cross compare individuals, teams, departments, and regions on any metric to better understand correlations and team dynamics

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Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

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A clear view of employee engagement

See at a glance which employees are increasing or declining in engagement.

Easily identify employees who may need extra coaching or recognition to keep them engaged.

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