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Prepare for the future of workplace learning

You have a great e-learning solution…now what?

Getting people to consistently use e-learning solutions and finish their training modules on time can be a big challenge. Tradler is here to help.

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What is the goal?

What are the obstacles to overcome?

How Tradler can help

Maximize the usage and time-to-completion of e-learning and L&D solutions

Raise awareness of talent development programs, continuous learning, and e-learning solutions

Support the onboarding process and accelerate the completion of training modules

Add flexibility, self-development, and the ability to measure L&D programs

A lack of motivation to engage in continuous learning and development programs

A lack of awareness and reminders of the existence and importance of e-learning tools

An absence of recognition and rewards for participating in and completing e-learning programs

The transition from face-to-face to virtual environments (digital, distanced, and flexible learning context - work from home)

Gamify the onboarding and training process by allowing team members to earn points for the progress and completion of onboarding tasks and training modules

Team members will be recognized and rewarded for participating in and completing e-learning programs.  This will reinforce and drive further learning and development

Built-in reminders and visibility keep the importance of completing e-learning modules top of mind

Get access to valuable data about your learning ecosystem

Tap into the emotion, imagination, and energy of your learners

Create the perfect setup

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Learnings to get a better outcome


Set up milestones and give special recognitions to celebrate the completion of stages of the e-learning journey



Connect the awards for completed e-learning courses to an NGO or program that promotes education in developing countries (by educating yourself, you are helping someone less fortunate become educated)


Leverage collaboration and social learning on the team and department levels to improve learning engagement


Incentivize coaching and mentor-focused working relationships

Want to gamify your e-learning and boost participation and awareness?

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