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Make a great first impression and streamline your onboarding

Give your new hires a positive and intuitive experience

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What is the goal?

What are the obstacles to overcome?

How Tradler can help

Streamline the onboarding process

Ensure that every task and touchpoint is covered at the right time and that no detail is overlooked

Accelerate the completion of onboarding tasks

Showcase your people and your company culture

Make sure that new hires know exactly what they need to do from day 1

Processes are time-consuming and fragmented

No role clarity

Information overload

Too much paperwork - keeping track of everything

Manual onboarding processes

With Tradler you can streamline your onboarding and create a personalized onboarding experience

Give your team members a clear onboarding roadmap that leads them every step of the way

Using gamification, Tradler makes the onboarding experience engaging and allows team members to closely track their progress

Make a great first impression with welcome recognitions from colleagues and team leaders and provide a fun way to connect with co-workers

Provide a crystal clear view of tasks to be completed, progress, and clarity of role and responsibilities

Drive e-learning and training with gamification and allow new hires to earn points for their progress and completion of modules

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Create the perfect setup

Learnings to get a better outcome


Use Tradler for preboarding

Don’t wait until your new employee’s first day to welcome them to the company and start the onboarding process


Give your new hires a shoutout

Use recognitions to share some fun facts with the rest of the team. A warm public welcome will give them a sense of belonging and help them to build new relationships within the company

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Make it personal

Set up all onboarding tasks ahead of time for each role/ profile and then create a tailored onboarding workflow using only the tasks that fit the talent profile

Want to make onboarding easy and intuitive?

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