The 3 Step Recipe to Properly Recognizing Your Employees

“When we screw things up they are here in a minute. But we have not heard thank you in years.”

After running hundreds of focus groups and speaking to thousands of employees about employee engagement, Kevin Sheridan, author of “Building a Magnetic Culture, said he heard the words above time and time again about the actions of management.

Study after study have shown that people want to be recognised. However, many employees feel that managers are too quick to criticise and too slow in their recognition.

Employees want to be told job well done.

Employees want to be told thank you.

Employees want their achievements and contributions to be rewarded.

Most of all, they want to be recognised consistently.

However, there are effective ways to recongize your team members and ineffective ways. In this post we will go over the “do’s” when it comes to employee recognition according to Kevin, and in our next post we will dive into the “don’ts.”

Kevin’s three step recipe below for proactively and consistently recognizing your employees is not only effective, it is something you can begin to do today to get your most valuable asset more engaged.

1. Identify the exact actions or behaviors that warranted the recognition:

In order to recognise an employee for a job well done, they must be equipped with the correct KPI’s and actions that the leadership is looking for. This comes down to communication (and remember what is clear to some is not always clear to all) so goals and targets must be well established. On top of having clear instructions, a tracking system can be of great benefit so management can proactively congratulate a job well.

Once the actions or behaviours are established and the employees meet their targets, Kevin then recommends moving into step two of his recognition recipe.

2. Identify why the action or behavior was important for the company:

Employees want to have purpose in their work and feel like they are a contributing factor to its success. When rewarding employees keep this in mind, and in addition to complementing them for helping the client or team, make sure to also reinforce how their efforts benefit the company as a whole.

According to Kevin, a phrase you want to remember to make this impactful are the words, “What you did is valuable to this organization because……..” What makes these words so special and what helps drive engagement, and therefore productivity, is when employees repeat that action in the future they will remember the profound effect it had on the company. This actionable and easy to implement step, which should be ingrained into the hearts and minds of every leader, according to Kevin – “Will change their behaviour so they want to replicate the good job they did.”

3. Reward:

Once the actions identified are met and employees are thanked for their efforts and reminded of the important role they play in the company, Kevin then recommends giving the employees something extra for a job well done. This could come in the form of a gift card, a day off, or points earned towards a more personalized incentive that would really mean a great deal to the employee.

According to Kevin, recognition is the number one driver when it comes to employee engagement. Hopefully the recipe above will help you and your leadership to better recognise the contributions of your team members.

And remember, engagement is not only about recognising the big wins, but also the daily contributions of your team members so remember to be proactive and consistent in your praise. You may just find that your employees will then proactively and consistently praise you and your organization.

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Michael Thompson

Michael is a communication coach based out of Barcelona, Spain. His work, which focuses on the intersection between business and smiles, has been featured and shares by Fast Company, INC, Thrive Global, Crunchbase, Elephant Journal etc.

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