The Millennial and the Job Hunt: Escape Room Edition

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I am your typical millennial- I took a bit longer with my studies, want to see the whole world before I turn 30, believe I am very creative, and feel utterly uncomfortable at interviews for job positions. Early on I needed to adopt a coping mechanism with the process of writing motivational letters and “spicing up my résumé”. What my teachers could never teach me though, was how to avoid the anxiety whenever it’s playtime. The “just go with it” mentality was never actually the right fit for me.

While the HR hiring people I’ve met over time have always tried to keep me calm and were always inhumanly friendly, it somehow always lead to sweat and tears. And while this might be a good motto for hustling, it most certainly is not the most ideal picture you want to paint to your friends whenever they ask how it went.

In April for the first time in my life that entire not-so-enjoyable process changed. For the first time a job employer had taken interest in me for more than half an hour. And it brought my best qualities to life. I went in to have some fun playing a game and went out having met new interesting people and, later on down the line, got an internship spot with Tradler. Just like that the huge pressure was…off! I was simply playing a game with a team of 4 people and was, inevitably, my most authentic self without the over-thinking factor.

Many HR professionals say the hiring process has to adapt to the innovations of our time. And this was a step in the right direction.That was the moment when each person who participated became more than just another flying CV paper. Because a huge part of the development we strive for is putting back the focus on what matters – people as individuals, not merely just a number in the crowd.

Now, two months into my internship, I find all of those skills that I managed to showcase while trying to solve puzzles and riddles, the essence of my work. I managed to put my communication skills together with my analytical thinking (two of the most common characteristics mentioned in CVs) in actual use then during the game. And the funny thing is I used that very same skills to escape an Egyptian-based quest to decode hieroglyphs and hunt for the heart of a mummy.

So, dear future employers, keep in mind that a recruitment process can be done alternatively with much better results and much more fun for everyone. Millennials, beware! Don’t listen to your mom! Sometimes playing games does pay off developing you for the better in the long run.

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Maria Georgieva

Maria is a student in Berlin and a Customer Success Intern for Tradler.

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