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Turning companies into places where employees need to work to where they want to work.

Turning companies into places where employees need to work to where they
want to work.

Employee Engagement Platform

Creating an enjoyable experience for every individual within your organization is at the heart of driving employee engagement.

A big part of this comes down to recognizing employees for the work they are doing. However, as an organization grows, giving each individual team member the acknowledgment they need and deserve becomes more challenging.

Our Employee Engagement Platform assists organizations in overcoming this challenge.

We accomplish this by rewarding employees in real time for their daily contributions. Not only that, we also provide your leadership with immediate feedback to better motivate and engage their team members.

Celebrate Wins, Both Big and Small through Gamification

Employees want to feel valued. Our Employee Engagement Platform helps organizations accomplish this by turning repetitive, albeit necessary tasks, into a game where points are earned that go towards meaningful experiences that fit their personal preferences.

Your leadership assigns the daily, weekly and monthly KPI’s and actions they want to reward, and as each action is met, your team members automatically receive points that go towards personalized incentives to drive engagement.

In short, our solution helps you to be more proactive in thanking your employees for their daily efforts and contributions.

However, team members will not be the only ones smiling when offered this solution. So will your management team when they see the analytics and insights our solution provides.

Provide Your Leadership the Analytics to Thrive

Each of your team members are embarking on their own unique journey within your organization. Our analytics system was designed to assist your leadership in ensuring that each and every employee feels empowered throughout this journey.

By measuring productivity and engagement our software provides your management team with a 360 degree view of each employee. From these key learns our software provides your leaders the insight to know where, when and how to focus their attention to better support and motivate each individual team member.

Motivate Better and Hire Smarter with our Data Insights

We love data. The analytics provided above will get your management loving it too after seeing how it allows them to better analyze the performance of each individual employee to better drive engagement and productivity.

However, our data insights have created an additional smile. This time it is for your hiring team because our Employee Engagement Platform allows them to consolidate the characteristics and actions of your MVP’s into one place to optimize the recruitment process moving forward.

Are you ready to better reward your heroes?

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“In the short time that we are working together with Tradler, I have experienced them as a very enthusiastic club, with a lot of knowledge, expertise and experience in-house. Because of their natural curiosity, they can quickly see where the added value can be achieved and immediately responded to this. In addition, they are genuinely interested in each individual and respond well to the need. I am very much looking forward to the continuation of our cooperation and the discussions with Tradler as a sparring partner which makes me every time feel fully energized! “

 Jasper Van den Breul-Sandd