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It’s time to level up your employee experience

Meet the next generation of employee engagement tools

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360 feedback with enhanced pulse surveys

Streamline onboarding

Recognition and rewards

Gamify learning and development

Break down silos and unify company culture

The biggest challenges facing HR

Employee churn/Onboarding

The hiring pool is shrinking and churn and absenteeism are increasing

Leadership Development

Managers and team leaders feel overwhelmed and need to be able to identify high potentials, increase their span of control and operate better in the hybrid work environment.  There is a lack of formal structure.

Hybrid and remote work

Distance from the organization, fragmented culture and challenges around team cohesion

Change management

“Here's the brutal fact: 70% of all change initiatives fail. Why? Managers flounder in an alphabet soup of change methods, drowning in conflicting advice. Change efforts exact a heavy toll—human and economic—as companies flail from one change method to another.  “ 

Cracking the Code of Change - Harvard Business Review


Drive Learning and Dev.

Low participation and slow progress

Employee Engagement

According to the latest Gallup report, 51% of employees are disengaged in the workplace

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How do we solve the challenges?



People can earn points on the platform in different, customizable ways based on their needs.

  • Personal, team, and company-wide metrics, milestones, OKRs, targets, KPIs 

  • E-learnings, Training, Safety Awareness - Create the appetite for learning by gamifying progress  and milestones. 

  • Proper usage of tools, equipment, technology, 

  • Build onboarding flows for new team members in Tradler or address bottlenecks that cause high turnover

  •  Increase awareness around safety measures and accidents.

  • Gamify behaviors that are directly impacted by change management or transformation

Recognition and Appreciation

A fun and easy-to-use recognition system that allows everyone to exchange highly personalized and impactful recognitions.

  • Insights driven by machine learning help team leaders give the right recognition to the right person at the right moment.

  • Peer-to-peer recognitions stimulate communication and team cohesion and are especially impactful in remote work environments

  • Connect and celebrate together the small and big achievements regardless of where you are

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No hassle reward system

Users get real rewards by exchanging their points for a wide variety of digital gift cards and charitable donations.  We can integrate any internal or third-party catalog, or help you create non-monetary reward ideas.

  • Reward experience is easy and customizable

  • Get engaging ideas for rewards

  • Suggest your favorite NGOs for donating points

Empower team leaders

  • We help your team leaders identify and focus on the areas where they can make the biggest impact and allow them to easily tailor the platform to their needs

  • Data-powered insights show team leaders what’s working, who they should recognize, and where they should focus next.

  • Create structure and link leadership development back to business strategy

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360-degree feedback

Highly flexible pulse surveys, reporting features and data insights

  • Measure and monitor the mood of the organization.

  • Gallup 12 engagement questions built-in 

  • Fully customizable 

Example setup

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What are the benefits?


Break down silos and unify company culture


Reduce employee churn and absenteeism


Increase employee satisfaction and engagement


Improve team dynamics in the hybris and remote work environments


Team leaders level up their ability and impact


Translate and broadcast the company strategy to each individual

And it works!


Increase in employee



Increase in employee engagement


Increase in productivity

Who we work with

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