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Integration for Slack

It is now possible to interact with Tradler through Slack. After your manager installs the Tradler app on Slack, you will be able to connect to the platform and receive all notifications in Slack. 

Installing Tradler on Slack’s Workspace (to be done by manager): 

  1. In order to install the app into your workspace, you will need to first navigate to  “Manage” tab

  2. Then click “Platform configuration”

  3. Select “Integrations” tab

  4. Click “Install Slack”

  5. Click “Allow” in order to allow Tradler to be installed in your workspace

  6. Now you can connect your Tradler account to Slack in the next section

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Connecting Your Tradler User to Slack

  1. Open “My Settings” page

  2. Click “Connect to Slack” button

  3. Allow Tradler access to your Slack profile

  4. From now on, you will receive Tradler notifications on Slack. Moreover, you will be able to recognise your colleagues via Slack

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Now you are able to give recognition to other users without leaving your favorite messenger

  1. Type /recognise in any Slack messenger window and press enter

  2. Choose a user (or several) you would like to send a recognitions to

  3. If you are a manager, you will be given an option to specify the number of points to give

  4. Click recognise and that’s it

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