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Next-generation leadership
insights - Meet Ami

A tool that gives you superpowers.


Free up more of your time and help your team continuously improve.

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What is Ami and what does it do?


Ami uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to generate insights and reminders for performance, productivity, milestones, life events (birthdays, work anniversaries, etc.), and more.


Ami makes sure you never miss outstanding performance, positive or worrisome trends, important life milestones and more.


Daily updates and insights on the team and individual level, means you can eliminate busy work and spend more time supporting your team.

Ami connects the dots for you

Centralized research, performance data, and reporting enable Ami to give intelligent, actionable insights on an organization, department, team and individual level. 


Get vetted insights for your stakeholders and teams to give the right attention to the right person at the right time at any level of the organization.

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​Tired of shuffling between spreadsheets?

Get real-time reports and updates on your team’s performance.

Make data-backed decisions based on real-time insights.

What’s the revenue growth this month? Who has sold the most? Get instant answers to all your sales questions and much more.

Give more meaningful recognition, in less time dots for you

✓  Make your recognitions more impactful with hyper-specific performance insights on individual and team level.

✓  Recognize people for great performance as it happens.  Timely and specific recognition is proven to have a greater impact.

✓  Daily insights give you visibility into who you should be appreciating and who you should be supporting.

✓  Eliminate time consuming research and get all the important information automatically

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Want to learn more about Ami?

A tool that helps streamline and optimize the daily work of managers and team learders

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