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Start solving your operational bottlenecks and discover untapped potential

Improve productivity, quality and reduce costs

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The undeniable challenge 

Driving  productivity or operational improvements with a large workforce is challenging

Meeting service standards and customer service expectations are  highly dependent on the workforce

70% of (digital) transformations fail because people don’t use the new tools/processes 

The hiring pool is shrinking and churn and absenteeism are increasing

How does it work?




Tradler helps identify operational bottlenecks that reduce efficiency, increase cost, or impact customer experience.  


Determine which actions/ behaviors need to change or improve to remove that bottleneck/cost.

Drive behavior towards that action using a unique blend of gamification, recognition, and rewards.

Examples of areas to address bottlenecks and create ROI:

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Identify operational and service bottlenecks and turn them into gamified metrics and behaviors to improve operations, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.


Customer satisfaction 

Create awareness around specific actions that increase CX or cause low satisfaction.


Hybrid and remote work

Connect and celebrate together the small and big achievements regardless of where you are. 


(Digital) Transformation

Drive your transformation initiatives by incentivizing specific behaviors that allow you to move forward.


Correct usage of tools

Allocate points for correctly scanning a package, using a CRM or other software, or for simply requesting holidays on time. 

Get a free consultation to identify operational bottlenecks you can start addressing today

How do we drive behaviors to fix bottlenecks?


We gamify the metrics that impact productivity and quality, tailored to each individual. People can earn points on the platform in different, customizable ways based on their needs.

  • Personal, team, and company-wide metrics, milestones, OKRs, targets, KPIs 

  • E-learnings, Training, Safety Awareness

  • Proper usage of tools, equipment, technology

A fun and easy-to-use recognition system that allows everyone to exchange highly personalized and impactful recognitions.

  • Insights driven by machine learning help team leaders give the right recognition to the right person at the right moment.

  • Peer-to-peer recognitions stimulate communication and team cohesion and are especially impactful in remote work environments

Users get real rewards by exchanging their points for a wide variety of digital gift cards and charitable donations.  We can integrate any internal or third-party catalog, or help you create non-monetary reward ideas.

  • Reward experience is easy and customizable

  • Get engaging ideas for rewards

  • Suggest your favorite NGOs for donating points

  • We help your team leaders identify and focus on the areas where they can make the biggest impact and allow them to easily tailor the platform to their needs

  • Data-powered insights show team leaders what’s working, who they should recognize, and where they should focus next.

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And it works!


Increase in employee



Increase in employee engagement


Increase in productivity

Who we work with

Case studies



Cost of covering the network with contractors was high

The bottleneck was in shift planning. We found contractors were used to cover shifts because the postmen did not confirm if they could cover an extra shift until Sunday.  Contractors were more expensive. 


Behavior change and cost savings

80% of postmen began confirming extra shifts they would cover earlier (Thursdays) resulting in north of 50K more shifts covered and thus less hiring of contractors

Want to see for yourself how easy it is?
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