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Give your people a voice with realtime feedback 

Flexible Pulse surveys with an average 62% response rate, means you can learn how your people feel about any issue at any time

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Consistant, honest employee feedback is a win-win.

More than 9 in 10 workers say they feel motivated to do their best when they have support from their leadership, according to the APA


Pulse surveys support your HR initiatives and give you the power to know when and how to talk to individuals and teams. 


Improve efficiency, accuracy and show your people you care about their opinions.

A real-time overview of employee engagement

Quick, automated check-ins give leadership a snapshot of employee engagement across the organisation. With this information to hand, you know how and when to act.


Explore how engagement grows or slows over time and learn how to respond.

Self configurable questions - Get feedback on any topic at any time.

Feedback analytics give you a visual breakdown of responses, making the data easier to understand and helps guide decision making.


62% response rate - By adding pulse surveys into our user flow, we score well above the industry average response rate.  Getting honest feedback has never been easier.

Check-ins are key to employee retention


89% of HR leaders say regular peer feedback and check-ins lead to successful outcomes.

Work Human

83% of employees would think about leaving their job for a similar role at a more empathetic organisation.

State of Workplace Empathy Report

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Team 1         

Team 2         

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Pulse Surveys in action


Use pulse surveys to understand engagement with the Gallup 12. The industry standard engagement questions are preloaded into the platform and ready to start measuring engagement from day 1.

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The mood of the company

How people are feeling greatly effects performance and quality. Understanding how people are feeling over time gives you the opportunity to do something about it.


New tools and processes

Understand how a new tool or process is perceived and learn whether additional training or explanation is required

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Feedback about leaders

How is the leadership and management perceived in your organization? Getting regular feedback helps you stay ahead of the problems that lead to disengagement.

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Organizational change 

Get regular feedback during times of change to understand the impact of the changes on your frontline workers.


Discover operational bottlenecks 

By getting regular feedback on tools and processes it becomes easier to identify and address operational bottlenecks and inefficiencies


Support your annual engagement survey

Get feedback about and support your annual engagement survey to keep it relevant and to help turn the feedback into actions.

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