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Take performance to the next level

Your people are your greatest resource. Tradler can help your team members improve their performance while recognizing and rewarding their contributions.

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What is the goal?

What are the obstacles to overcome?

How Tradler can help

Increase motivation and performance on metrics and KPIs at the team and individual levels.

Incentivize and recognize improved performance to retain your best talent and increase employee satisfaction.

Give team members the tools and visibility they need to track their self-improvement.

Lack of motivation, recognition, and distance from the organization.

Lack of visibility of KPIs and progress at the team and individual level makes it difficult for team members to evaluate their own performance.

Wrong behaviors and incorrect usage of tools and processes hinder performance

Drive the right behaviors for tools and processes to remove bottlenecks and improve performance in a sustainable way.

Provide hyper-targeted recognition and micro-incentives for improved performance.

Give team members full visibility into their own performance on a team and individual level to engage the desire for self-improvement.

Give managers and team leaders a powerful suite of tools for performance management


Hays improved team and individual motivation and performance, by allowing team members to track their progress and earn points for hitting their KPI targets

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Azets used Tradler to incentive the correct usage of new efficiency tools allowing them to increase output and reduce the number of mistakes

Create the perfect setup

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Learnings to get a better outcome


Company OKRs and team-level metrics can help get people pulling together and bring them closer to the organization.



Consistent and specific recognition when team members go up and above has a profound impact on performance. Tradler’s insights make sure that up and above performance never goes unnoticed.



Team leaders who use Tradler to set individual self-improvement goals see a rapid and sustained improvement in performance.


Not sure where to start?

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