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Congrats, you found your couriers! Now how to keep them?

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Courier retention should be a top priority for your business. When you retain employees, you avoid the costs and time associated with hiring and training new couriers.

Recruiting new employees is expensive, with average hiring rising 14% between 2019 and 2023. What’s more, your customers expect quality every time they deal with your business. Experienced couriers reduce errors, improve delivery times, and ensure your standards of service are always upheld.

Courier retention is all about keeping your team motivated, engaged, and committed to your company. Achieve this, and you boost the business's efficiency and customer satisfaction. Fall short, and you risk the quality of your services.

So, how do you make your courier feel valuable? How do you give them the work environment and culture they crave? Let's find out.

How to Improve Courier Retention
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4 Key Challenges to Courier Retention

Retaining couriers in the last-mile delivery industry can be difficult. Here are some of the challenges you might be facing:

1. Little time to build connection

Most couriers work part-time, and that means many treat it as a temporary job.

Adding to this, couriers are generally managed remotely, which weakens their sense of belonging. Managers visit infrequently, leading to couriers feeling isolated and undervalued.

Together, this means less time to build genuine connections with team members.

2. Poor courier engagement

Ever tried to organize an activity to engage your couriers only to see the same few names sign up every time? It's an all-too-familiar pattern. Those who already feel close to the company tend to participate in team-building initiatives.

What's more, couriers have different shifts, making it difficult to schedule events that everyone can realistically attend.

Finally, day-to-day tasks are, by nature, repetitive. They might get boring fast. This is where Tradler’s gamification and challenge features come in.

3. Communication barriers

Communication channels vary across cities and countries. Some couriers use Facebook, and others prefer Telegram or WhatsApp. This inconsistency makes it hard for companies to communicate with each courier. Important information can get lost or delayed, leading to misunderstandings and frustration.

4. Unclear expectations

A significant portion of couriers are young people working their first ever job. They may not have the same idea of quality and performance expectations as older members of the workforce.

Leaders must step in and provide detailed guidance and support, giving first-timers a solid understanding of key metrics and service benchmarks.

5 tips you can use to overcome challenges and boost courier retention

The good news is that you can overcome these challenges using proven retention best practices. Here are five strategies you can try to uplift engagement and build a company culture so great that your team will never want to leave.

Strategy 1: Be transparent about performance

Your couriers cannot improve what they don't know, so make a habit of sharing clear metrics and providing regular constructive feedback. Always recognize hard work and achievements by giving a public call-out or even a small prize. Encourage other team members to congratulate top performers to help build camaraderie and friendships.

Strategy 2: Respect your couriers' autonomy

Couriers are drawn to the profession because it offers something different from a typical 9-to-5. There's a sense of freedom, of autonomy that comes with the job. You want to preserve this as much as possible.

Avoid micromanaging your team. Instead, give them the tools and freedom to complete their routes in the way that works best for them.

Strategy 3: Use technology for engagement and monitoring

Technology can go a long way in improving communication and employee engagement. Tools like Tradler streamline communication, facilitate feedback, and foster a culture of appreciation.

Strategy 4: Organize contests to boost engagement

Creating friendly competitions among couriers can increase engagement. These contests might zero in on specific metrics like delivery speed, customer feedback, or safety records. Offering prizes or recognition for top performers motivates couriers to put in the extra effort and fosters a sense of community.

Strategy 5: Offer competitive benefits and incentives

It goes without saying that compensation matters to your employees and impacts your bottom line. According to one study, raising wages by $1 boosted productivity by more than $1. It also increased employee retention. So, make sure your compensation packages are competitive.

Discover how Tradler can help you retain couriers

Interested in improving your courier retention? Tradler offers innovative solutions for employee engagement and retention.

Our platform is loved by Just Eat Takeaway, PostNL, Geodis, ABB, Hays, Azets, and more. We help them communicate with their team, celebrate hard work, and build a positive work environment.

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