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Productivity management your team will love

Help your team reach their full potential and simplify productivity management. 

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"I love that everyone in the team can monitor and track the goals and progress. It gives us a way to visualize how we are all pulling together and gets everyone more motivated."

Measure performance

across key skills


Define individual,

company-wide or team specific metrics to

measure against and

track development in

these areas over time


Understand skill

gaps to improve

team composition


Better allocate

training budgets, and inform hiring plans

Adapt to new priorities in a few clicks

Our user friendly interface lets you adjust your teams setup and add new metrics in minutes.

✔  Adjust KPI targets

✔  Re-prioritize metrics to change the focus

✔  Add/ remove metrics

✔  Award points for progress or reaching the target

Track progress and address issues early

We connect the dots for you, and give you valuable insights so you can make the right people decisions.


Stay ahead of problems with warnings and insights that identify issues early


Get daily performance insights about individual employees, managers, and teams.

Go from evaluation to appreciation effortlessly

With smart performance insights you can quickly give pesonalized and meaningful recognitons. It's fun and easy-to-use and allows everyone to exchange highly impactful virtual high-fives.

"In just a few minutes each day, I can see at a glance how efficient the team is being and I know exactly what I should be appreciating my team for."

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