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Quality is the best
business plan

Excellent quality enhances your organization's brand and reputation, protects it against risks, increases efficiency, boosts profits, reduces waste, and stimulates growth, all while making staff and customers happier.

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What is the goal?

What are the obstacles to overcome?

How Tradler can help

Improve quality and customer service across the organization

Positively influence the behaviors that affect quality

Improve the customer experience

Team members are not aware of the importance of quality metrics

Lack of recognition and incentives for providing superior quality

Quality-related strategic goals need to be translated to front-line employees

Raise awareness and reward team members for quality metrics using gamification

Use recognitions to constantly appreciate people for their contributions and efforts related to quality and for providing superior service.

Pulse surveys to better understand challenges related to quality

Create the perfect setup

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Learnings to get a better outcome

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Make it a team effort -

set quality metrics

on a team level


Celebrate positive

customer feedback

with recognitions


Encourage and reward

team members for

suggesting a quality-related

process improvement


Not sure where to start?

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