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The current reality in
the Recruiting industry

Attracting and retaining new talent is increasingly important

There is a shortage of qualified candidates

Continuous learning to increase recruiter know-how is essential


What’s needed to succeed?

To be a more efficient and profitable organization and attract and retain the best talent, a solution is required to keep people productive, engaged and ensure they feel properly appreciated. 

Recruiting companies that partner with Tradler enjoy...

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Increase in productivity



Feel more connected to the organization and their team

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Decrease in employee churn

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We start with your strategic goals

Identify the obstacles to achieving your strategic goals

People don’t feel close to the

organization and are underappreciated

People aren’t following the

processes and using tools correctly

The span of control (manager to team member ratio) and distance (hybrid working) is increasing

Address the behavior

around those obstacles

Introduce a recognition system that

will have people feel appreciated on

a regular basis.

Allow people to earn points/milestones/

badges/rewards for performance, following

processes and correct usage of tools

Give managers the tools and insights

to hit quotas and manage more people

more effectively

Reduce employee churn

and attract the best talent

Improve productivity and efficiency on KPI’s 


Provide continuous feedback and recognition

Thrive in a hybrid work environment

Create the perfect setup for every role



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Get everyone on the same page and focused on the same goals

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One team working together from anywhere

Tradler ensures everyone stays connected, making it the ideal tool for hybrid working. Managers and team members have full transparency on performance and interactive recognitions keep the team dynamic strong.



Create visibility and alignment of company goals and OKR’s across the organization

Ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction and is in alignment with organizational change, new tools and processes

Drive Productivity and efficiency

Raise awareness and improve productivity on any performance metric.  

Highlight team-level metrics to improve team dynamics

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Drive Engagement

Use pulse surveys to measure the mood of the organization and get real-time feedback from your frontline workers on any issue

Use Tradler to allow your team members to help identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in operations

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Drive Quality

Recognize and reward team members for positive customer feedback

Increase awareness and focus on quality metrics in any role

Not sure where to start?

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