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Meaningful rewards, tailored to every location

Inspire and excite your team as
they work towards their KPIs

We believe in providing options so your people can choose incentives they are passionate about. Whether you want to buy something online or donate to charity…having options is everything.

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Learn more about how people earn points on Tradler.

"  Paycheques say job done, while rewards say thank you."

Anywhere except



No matter where you are located, choose from a wide variety of incentives including, digital gift cards, charitable donations, and more. 

Adaptable for your organisation

Select the incentives that fit your team, existing loyalty programmes and budgets.

A sense of purpose

Connect your team to your corporate social responsibility initiatives (CSR) and build meaningful communities.


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PostNL Created  a raffle in Tradler and the winner got a breakfast for their whole team


Hays integrated their existing catalogue of incentives allowing their employees to keep the same options they had before

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Azets celebrates when they have a new team member rewarding them directly with a voucher right off the start

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Ter Dreve (primary school) opted for team incentives and people can contribute their points for an afterwork activity

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Limitless incentive options

Tradler global incentives

Configurable Lotteries and Raffles 

Anything you want to provide (company merch, discounts, special privileges, time off, etc)

Link to your corporate social responsibility

CSR is usually a “thing leadership does” – a nebulous concept with almost no team involvement. 


Tradler helps bridge the gap, helping employees to feel more involved by allowing them to donate to the programs and charities of their choice. 


Track and celebrate your existing CSR projects and give everyone the ability to contribute and visibility into the progress

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