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Where 30 - 40% of logistics workers struggle to stay engaged, we redefine the game

Wonder how we can save the day?

The Challenges

Solitude on the Road

Loneliness and disengagement plague the daily life of logistics workers, with 95% of their time spent alone on the road. Traditional attempts at team building fall short, and managers find it challenging to connect with every individual on a personal level.

Disconnection at Work

The majority of logistic workers is unaware of their performance until their manager informs them in their quarterly one-on-one meetings.

The Tradler Advantage

Turning Isolation into Celebration

Tradler understands the pulse of your logistics workforce. We've partnered with industry leaders like JustEat Takeaway and PostNL to revolutionize the way logistics teams connect, engage, and perform.

Monitoring performance for constant improvement

What would happen if whenever needed, you could directly share their performance progress with them right away?

How We Do It:
Recognition, Rewards, and Gamification that Works

Meaningful Recognition

Transform your existing data into celebrations, making hitting metric goals a source of pride.

Rewarding Success

Points earned can be exchanged for gifts, free days, or donations to NGOs, creating a culture of appreciation.

Gamified Performance

Drive individual and team excellence with gamification tailored to your logistics needs.

Trusted by companies of all sizes

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We leverage your existing data and transform it into meaningful insights.

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